The Chromebook Inventory Add-on for Google Sheets is another fine program from Andrew Stillman at New Visions Cloud Lab.

It allows a GAfE domain Super-Admin to extract information about all managed Chromebooks, and update some of that information.

 Go to the New Visions Cloud Lab and follow the installation instructions.

  • be a GAfE domain super-admin
  • join the trusted testers group
  • install the Add-on using the link provided
 After installing and authorizing the Add-on:
  • From the Add-on menu, select chromebookInventory
  • Select Export devices
  • If desired, narrow the export to specific OUs (and sub-orgs) and enrollment date ranges.
  • Click Export to Sheet
The data will be exported.  Scroll the right panel to the right to see more data about each Chromebook.

Edit data in the left panel as needed
  • Org Unit Path (click to select from the list in each cell)
  • Annotated User
  • Annotated Location
  • Notes
If you have a large number of records that you are NOT updating, you might want to delete the from the spreadsheet.  That makes the update process run faster.
  • From the Add-ons menu, select chromebookInventory
  • Select Update devices from sheet


Confirm that you want to update the fields in all records in the sheet.

Wait for the update process to complete.