On August 31, 2015 Google announced that one of the services that this process depends on has been deprecated, and will be discontinued on September 1, 2016.  The process described here is now a short-term solution.

One-time set-up in Drive

  • create a folder with a name meaningful to you to hold the MP3 files
    • podcast listeners will not see the folder name
    • bookmark a link to this folder - you will use it each time you add a podcast post
    • this folder view will be used to add files, so include Add in the link name
  • open the folder and upload one or more MP3 files in the usual ways
    • podcast listeners will see the file names
  • return to the podcast folder's parent folder
  • right-click on the podcast folder and open the Share dialog
    • change the sharing level to Public on the web - can view
    • copy the sharing URL to the clipboard
  • paste the URL into the text box below and click the button to get a new link to the folder
  • click the calculated link above to open the folder containing podcast files
  • bookmark the calculated link to the folder - you will use it each time you post a new blog entry
    • this view of the folder will be used to post files, so include Post in the link name