3-Enforce 2-step verification

  1. Choose the highest level OU that includes all users who will be require to use 2-step verification (either in the selected OU or in that OU's sub-orgs)
    • In this example, The Testing Policies OU and its SubTesting sub-org will have 2-step verification enforced.
  1. To apply the exception group, click on Select to the right of Group Filters


  • In the pop-up dialog, select the Google Group that you created previously.
  • Click Done to confirm the selection.

  1. Click to Turn on enforcement
  2. Click to Save changes

2-step verification will be required for users who are both
  • in the Testing Policies OU or its SubTesting sub-org, AND
  • in the 2FactorRequired group

Google's support page for using exception groups